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  • Air Release Vinyl

Air Release Vinyl


What is air release vinyl?

Air release vinyl features an air release mesh nearly invisible located on the adhesive side of our vinyl decals. The air release system allows for trapped air to simply be pressed out during application. There are no down sides to using our air release vinyl as opposed to standard. Once you have applied graphics that are produced with air release vinyl it will be hard to go back!

Video of Air Release in Action

Air Release Compared to Cut Vinyl

Air release vinyl is printed on a high resolution solvent ink jet printer and then coated with a high quality optically clear laminate. With printed air release vinyl you will not be able to see the multiple layers of colors like in traditional cut vinyl since the decal is printed all at once. In addition since the decal is printed we are able to offer nearly an unlimited amount of colors. Unique to B and E Graphix we also are able to print metallic ink directly into our graphics. This allows us to produce over 500 different metallic colors!