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Rapid Tac

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Many people prefer to install their vinyl graphics by using the wet method. Rapid Tac application fluid is perfect for this. Rapid Tac Application Fluid cleans the surface without leaving residues ensuring a contaminant free installation. It then helps to "float" the vinyl film until it is properly positioned. Rapid Tac Application Fluid's best feature is that it effectively breaks the surface tension of the adhesive on the film allowing it to flow and bond to the substrate more effectively.

  • STEP 1. Clean surface thoroughly with Rapid Tac and a kitchen paper towel. DO NOT USE OTHER CLEANERS OR SOLVENTS.
  • STEP 2. Spray surface again with Rapid Tac, peel backing off decal and place on wet surface.
  • STEP 3. Position decal. Use squeegee to remove fluid, using a good deal of pressure and working from the center out to the edges in all directions.
  • STEP 4. Wait 2-3 minutes. Saturate paper cover tape, if any, with Rapid Tac, then remove paper tape. Wipe surface with paper towel.
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